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The benefits of a visitor management system

No more messy data – and time to use it!

With more business and customer data to manage than ever before, things can get messy. Collecting accurate and complete visitor information is a time-consuming process that can slow down business productivity and make customer interactions feel forced or awkward. This is where visitor management systems can help you save time and resources – and fix problems before they even arrive.

Visitor management systems can streamline productivity in your business, while giving your customers a more enjoyable, organic experience. Some of the biggest benefits of visitor management systems may include an enhanced professional image, more immersive branding and marketing, data security, customer analytics, and an increased sense of confidence in your business’ decision-making.

Key benefits of a visitor management system

The best visitor management software should offer both short-term and long-term benefits for your business.

In a perfect world, the benefits of visitor management systems can be seen almost immediately after adding visitor management and customer check-in options for your current suite of business tools. Your organization will save time and increase productivity by automating administrative tasks and seamlessly collecting and storing customer data. Visitor log software, email lists and contact information, and other guest marketing data will be at your fingertips, organized custom to your specific preferences.

In the long-term, you will value the confidence you gain knowing that customer data is collected and stored accurately and securely – and you’ll make more confident decisions as a result. With access to visitor analytics and other valuable insights, you can now confidently make data-driven decisions for your organization and develop a deeper connection with your customers and employees.

Some of the many benefits of visitor management and check-in solutions from Autonix include:

  • Save more time & improve productivity – Spend less time dealing with administrative tasks like collecting building visitors’ information and make more informed decisions based on Autonix visitor analytics.
  • Keep track of customers like never before Collect data for remarketing lists and business logs without moving a muscle. Adding a contactless check-in option shows customers you take their health, safety, and security seriously.
  • Gain valuable insights and make qualitative business decisions – Autonix’s high-powered analytics dashboard provides valuable visitor analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your organization in real-time. You can also monitor multiple locations, and create data visualizations to identify and analyze visitor analytics trends.
  • Privacy and security – Not only will your visitor data be secure, your customers will know their data is too. Visitor management systems provide more privacy for your customers and project a modern, professional image of your business that may inspire more trust and foster a deeper relationship with clients. 

Still wondering whether a visitor management system from Autonix is the right choice for your business? Autonix has already created solutions for restaurants, conferences and events, real estate sales, and more.

Need something else? Autonix can also build custom features to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

Customizing your visitor management system software

Autonix strives to create the best visitor management and contactless check-in software for any (and every) industry. Just check-out some of our most popular use-cases:

  •  Restaurants – Follow the trends! Restaurants can provide contactless check-in options and market specials digitally. Dashboards monitor peak and slow visit times to improve staffing.
  • Real estate – Never miss an interested buyer! Create a location-specific check-in option for events and open houses, available on the web or by SMS. Use QR codes to give buyers access to additional information. Send digital listings to buyers who are interested with the greatest of ease.
  • Building managementOur building management integrations can help building managers complete administrative tasks without ever needing to lift a finger. With Autonix, building managers can check-in visitors, manage multiple locations, and receive ‘watchlist’ notifications to prevent unwanted guests from entering the building. Our building management integrations also provide your organization with an advanced analytics dashboard so you can monitor visitor behavior and fuel more data-driven decisions.
  • Conferences and Events: Autonix allows businesses to redefine ‘crowd control’. With our conference and event check-in features, users can avoid the crowds and check-in whenever (and wherever) they like and skip the lines and crowds. You can also provide users with important items like a visitor pass, Wifi login information, and map links once they’ve checked in using your own QR code or SMS message.

The best visitor management software provides clean data and secure data

Having ‘clean data’ is much more than keeping information organized. One of the greatest advantages of a visitor management system is form inclusion, which means customer data is accurate and complete – in addition to being secure, organized and up-to-date.

It’s difficult to maintain privacy with paper logs, since every guest can see others who logged in previously. Digital visitor management log software has no such privacy issues, and ensures that forms are filled out completely and accurately. Fields can be designated as required so they aren’t left blank, and everything will be legible and uniformly formatted.

If additional forms are necessary or a guest needs to sign a waiver, your visitor management system will prompt them and collect the signature for you. You don’t have to worry about oversight and details. Everything will be done automatically.

With clean and secure customer data, the overall security of your business will improve.

How do I choose the best visitor management system?

Between evaluating cost, comparing different features, and everything else that comes with adding a new resource to your existing suite of business tools, choosing the right visitor management system can be quite an undertaking. 

Below, we’ve outlined some ‘core’ functions and features to look for when trying to select the best visitor management system for your organization. 

When selecting the best visitor management system for your organization, you should aim to find a solution that:

  • can be easily implemented and is user-friendly, 
  • provides comprehensive visitor and facility analytics,
  • inspires more data-driven decision-making within your organization,
  • saves your organization time that would otherwise be wasted on administrative tasks, like checking in building visitors, and ultimately
  • improves your organization’s bottom-line.  

All of Autonix’s visitor management solutions were created with business owners in-mind, in an effort to improve efficiency, security, support branding, as well as, save time and money. 

Autonix can eliminate the need for employees to spend time dealing with tedious administrative tasks so they can re-focus on ‘actual work’. Furthermore, our visitor management systems can collect, file, and securely store your customer’s data without you needing to lift a finger. Still haven’t tried Autonix? Sign up for free today (no credit card required).

Looking for a visitor management solution?

Whether you’re a building manager, restauranteur, or real estate agent, Autonix has a solution for you. Our visitor management systems can provide your organization with priceless visitor analytics and help your business create ways to eliminate tedious administrative tasks.


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