Custom Domain Setup

Prerequisite: You must have the ability to make DNS entries for your custom domain.


Provide your custom domain to Autonix.

This should either be a new domain with no other purpose other than Autonix QR Codes, or a unique subdomain of your main domain.

Autonix Support will reply with custom instructions for you in one email. This will include a minimum of TWO DNS entries. There may be more if we've configured multi-zone or other customizations for your account.


Add provided records to your DNS settings. These will be sent after step on.

CNAME instructions for your SSL certificate. The provided certificate subdomain and URL ending in

CNAME your custom domain to point to


Notify Autonix Support this is completed.

Propagation and certificate generation could take several hours.

Our team will test and confirm when it has resolved.

Once propagated, the Autonix team will switch the base domain from to your custom domain.

Finally, Autonix Support will send a working test QR Code on your custom domain as verification.

** Please note all previously generated QR Codes will point to the domain unless they are regenerated and replaced. They will continue to work! **