Type: Check-in QR Codes

Revolutionize your visitor management with Autonix's Check-In System QR Codes - another feature of Autonix Passpoints. Our solution provides a seamless, contactless check-in experience, ideal for modern businesses and events.

What is a Passpoint?
These QR codes offer a quick, contactless method for guests to check in and out. They're perfect for collecting visitor information, tracking attendance at events, managing office visitors, or monitoring foot traffic at various venues.

Benefits of Using Check-In System QR Codes

  1. Efficient Visitor Management: Speed up the check-in process and reduce queues.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Minimize physical contact and uphold health protocols.
  3. Real-Time Tracking: Monitor visitor flow and gather attendance data.

Creating Your Check-In System QR Code
Autonix makes it straightforward. Just set up your event or venue in our system, create the QR code, and display it at your entry points. Visitors can scan the code to check in or out.

Data is viewable as analytics and reports within the Autonix platform. It is exportable as a raw CSV using a variety of filters. Data is also available externally through our Zapier Integration as well as our robust API.

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Sample Use Cases

  • Corporate Offices: Manage employee and guest entries for better security and resource planning.
  • Events and Conferences: Keep track of attendee numbers and movement, improving event management.
  • Facility Management: Monitor access to facilities like gyms or clubs.

Why Choose Autonix?
Our platform offers a user-friendly, efficient, and secure way to manage your check-in needs. With Autonix, you ensure a smooth experience for your visitors while gaining valuable insights into your operations.

Adopt Autonix Passpoints QR Codes for a smarter, safer, and more efficient way to manage your visitors. Elevate your visitor experience and operational efficiency with our innovative solution.