UTM Tags & GA4 Support

While Autonix is a tracking platform in itself, we're not greedy and love to share data! That's why we offer the ability to support your Google Analytics 4 integration.

These features can be enabled Globally for All Trackers (recommended), or placed or overwritten on individual Trackers.

We support GA4 in two independent ways:

View Activity on Autonix Hosted Pages

Include your GA4 Measurement ID at the Tracker or Global level

To find your Measurement ID, visit Google Support below or dont hesitate to contact us.

[GA4] Measurement ID - Analytics Help
A Measurement ID is an identifier (e.g., G-12345) for a web data stream. You can use the Measurement ID to send data to a specific web data stream. For Google Analytics, your Measurement ID is the s

Once you add your GA4 Measurement ID, you will now see two entries into your own GA4 Data Stream.

  1. A Page View on QR Scan to all of your Trackers.
  2. An Event for the Outbound Click on any tracker with a button (such as Passpoint or Link List).

*The domain will be "autonix.app," unless you have a custom domain configured.

Auto Append UTM Params

View activity on exit with UTM Parameters by auto-appending dynamic parameters. The following values will be set.

utm_source = Autonix
utm_medium = {{Tracker Type}}
utm_campaign' => {{Internal Name}}

Source is set to "Autonix" as a fixed value.

{{Tracker Type}} - For example "Website Direct" or "Passpoint"

{{Internal Name}} - The name of the Tracker that sent the traffic